Thursday, 20 October 2011

Welcome to Ivor's Rambling Blogspot

Welcome to the blogspot of Ivor's Ramblings, I will occasionally publish pieces here that are relevent to either my poetry or my life.  Please feel free to comment or add pieces of your own.  I also consider this space to be an ideal opportunity for readers to tell me whether they find anything within my work that they are particlarily drawn to or wish to discuss in more detail.

Anything goes as long as it is kept polite and friendly and, unlike a few poetry sites, I do not object to you posting in Rhyme.  This site is deliberately set up for 'Rhyming Poets' to encourage what I consider to be the most enjoyable form of Poetry as it would seem to be falling out of grace with many.

Most of my work is freely published on my site ( )so is available to all but can be bought in either digital (kindle) format or as a real book at  I do, however, write for pleasure and will try to maintain this site for all to enjoy without having to purchase my book.

Have fun,



  1. Hi Ivor,
    Nice to see somebody who is willing to share their poetry with the world.
    Dave D

  2. Every poet tries to share their work....some just don't know how