Saturday, 29 October 2011


Since I was very young I have always felt that things existed around me that which were not perceived by normal senses; feelings, fleeting glimpses, etc.  Coming from a family whose mother had been a spiritualist, I was brought up taking these things for granted and not being laughed at because things occasionally scared me.
The normal reaction I got in telling my mum was one of acceptance, with a very matter of fact outlook, exactly as if I had been frightened by a dog, or a person or an event of the ‘normal’ kind.  I feel that it was this ‘normality’ associated with the psychic that led me to overcome my fear of the unknown and start to take an interest into this.  Incidentally, this applied equally to the physical unknown or the paranormal.
So where did I start, firstly, however uncomfortable I started to look again at things that disturbed me, possibly with the enthusiasm of youth!  Like in any adventure if you keep putting your hands in the fire, then sometimes you are going to get burned and this was no exception.  However, this did not put me off, but did mean to say I had to ‘learn’ how to approach and cope with things for which I had no mentor.
I am not going to try and explain how my development progressed, but will just say that for about 50 years I have learned a few things that form the core of ventures into both the paranormal and many other avenues.  I will attempt to explain these, but as these findings are personal to me I am not sure if they will be totally applicable to everyone searching into the ‘unknown’.
• Before going anywhere that you are not familiar with, ensure that you are confident enough to deal with anything that you expect, and a whole lot more.  If not, find somebody who you feel can to accompany you.
• If you suddenly found yourself in a foreign country you would be at major disadvantage if you could not speak the language.  This is the key to making sense out of everything…it is all in the mind.  You have to develop ‘mind tools’ that allow you to turn incoherence into something tangible.  I will deal with this important aspect of communication a little later.
• The universal law that tends to ensure ‘Like attracts Like’ can be used to your advantage and will help protect you.  Delving into the unknown can be extremely rewarding, but occasional very dangerous.  Whatever normal precautions one would take against ill or evil are paramount.  A prayer, a friend to hold your hand, a cry for help, all and each of these will become necessary at times.
• Do not go looking for personal gain, as the same as in ‘normal’ communities there are a lot of things that take advantage of greed and you will attract the wrong type of events, remember…. ‘Like attracts Like’.
• Be prepared to run!  Be prepared to use the strength of your mind to defeat things you would rather not have happen.  Many years of martial arts have taught me one thing, if there is trouble, don’t be there!  If you are and cannot run, then you had better be prepared to meet things head on… not for the squeamish!
• Back to language; whatever you see, hear or feel, state it out loud!  Interpret your thoughts in speech every time.  This is possibly the most important thing in developing your mind to understanding anything to do with the psychic.  Communication at this level ranges from pure speech to pure thought.  Thought can be very confusing and when thoughts or pictures come into your head it is necessary to say out loud what they have made you think.  This enables the person who gave you these thoughts to see how you respond to them.  This is the way personal communication is built up and is essential if good communication is to be finally achieved.
• Do not try shortcuts, especially not Ouija Boards.  You personally are responsible for vetting communication and deciding if it should be passed on; whether it is actually relevant and true.  Some forms of communication bypass all forms of control and as such can be extremely unwise and hurtful to a recipient.
• Do not believe everything you see or hear, there is mischief about at all levels.  Get to know the people who speak to you, people do not change simply because they left their ‘body’ behind.  It is my personal belief that it is when we are in our mortal bodies that we are best able to use our physical senses to develop and change.  I also believe that this is what ‘life’ is all about.  Bad news for some, because this would really mean that ‘life is for the living!’
• By the same token, when spirituality develops to a point where the body is not necessary as a training centre, then true fulfilment can be enjoyed.  Incidentally, it is sometimes very hard to communicate with the ‘true thought’; of individuals at advanced levels and an interpreter on the other side (spirit guide) can be very helpful.  Do not however avoid direct contact with them as the feeling of pure fulfilment that you will share is ‘out of this world’. (pun intended).
• And finally, do not be afraid of making a fool of yourself, nothing ventured nothing gained!
Well is it worth it?  Most people thinks you are nuts, sometimes even including yourself.  Some religious people will call you a devil worshiper or worse, and you may lose many friends.  My experience has shown me it definitely is.  The people who I have been able to help, both living and on the ‘other side’, have made it all worth while.  I will not go into detail but if you have the odd year free I could talk about a few success stories.
With the challenges I have faced and the places I have been I have been able to come to my own opinions about life and ‘death’.  This doesn’t alter personal trauma and I grieve exactly the same as any other person.  This doesn’t alter my outlook about religion, I ask the same questions as anybody else.  In times of need I ask God for his help, in times of ‘others need’ I ask God for his help.  I also curse God for allowing some things to happen.  But I do have a better understanding of myself and my own personal responsibilities.
More importantly, I know that I am using a strength that I have that it would have been easier to ignore.  I don’t often talk about it as most people normally do not want to hear.  However, when the time comes for me to give personal positive proof to somebody of continued existence, I do not shirk my responsibility even if this means some may disagree or dislike me for it.
Have Fun,
‘The moment created this second, is a moment that's going to last.
It lives the full spectrum of time, the future, the present and past

Thursday, 20 October 2011

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